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PostgreSQL Connector Plugin Description

This plug-in mainly supports connecting and operating PostgreSQL database in UE blueprint.

Database connection 【 Create Postgre SQL 】

PostgreSQL Connector Plugin Description


Host:Database IP address.

Port: Database open port.

User: database username.

Password:Database password.

DBName:Specify the name of the database to connect to.


Success:Returns whether the database connection is successful.

Error No: An error number is returned for connection errors, and 0 is returned for success.

Error Msg:Connection error returns error message.

Operation database【 Execute SQL 】

PostgreSQL Connector Plugin Description


SQL: The executed SQL statements support SELECT, DELETE, INSERT, and UPDATE. Basically all SQL statements are supported, and the database can be operated directly here.

Commit:If there is DELETE, INSERT, UPDATE and other database data that need to be updated in the statement, you need to set this to true.


Success: Returns whether the operation was successful.

Error No:Error number, returns 0 on success.

Error Msg: Execution error returns error message.

Rows: The number of rows of output results after execution.

Result:Returns a database result set.

Result set decomposition

The result set returned by Result is an array of MAP. An array is equal to one row of information, and the data of this row is stored in a MAP. You can also use the built-in function of this plug-in to convert the output result set into JSON.

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PostgreSQL Connector