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Blueprint Subsystem Plugin Description

There are subsystems in Unreal that can be instantiated automatically.

However, the subsystem can only be inherited and implemented in C++. The purpose of this plugin is to create and use the subsystem directly in the blueprint.

Official subsystem description reference:

Programming Subsystems in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Plug-in operation instructions:

Blueprint Subsystem Plugin Description

Right-click to directly create the corresponding blueprint.

When using, directly get the blueprint name_C node to get the corresponding instance object.

For example, the blueprint name is BP_DTGameInstanceSubsystem

Blueprint Subsystem Plugin Description

The way to obtain it is as follows:

Blueprint Subsystem Plugin Description

It is recommended to restart the editor after the window instantiates the blueprint, otherwise there may be multiple repeated Get options.

After it can be used, it needs to be enabled in the settings, so that it can be run after packaging.

All blueprint subsystems created must be added to it to be active.

Detailed description:


DT SubsystemUnreal Engine
Game InstanceDT Game Instance SubsystemUGameInstanceSubsystem
Local PlayerDT Local Player SubsystemULocalPlayerSubsystem
WorldDT World SubsystemUWorldSubsystem

After the blueprint is created, the plug-in will automatically generate some callback nodes, which are helpful for logic processing. The following is the description of the nodes:

Common Node Description:

On Initialize:initialization of instances of the system

On Deinitialize:deinitialization of instances of the system

On Tick: Event called every frame, if ticking is enabled 

World Subsystem Exclusive Node Description:

On Post Initialize:Called once all UWorldSubsystems have been initialized

On World Begin Play:Called when world is ready to start gameplay before the game mode transitions to the correct state and call BeginPlay on all actors

On World Components Updated:Called after world components (e.g. line batcher and all level components) have been updated

On Update Streaming State:Updates sub-system required streaming levels (called by world’s UpdateStreamingState function)

Plug-in download: